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Activity editor

Build and save your sport activities seamlessly with our easy-to-use activity editor.

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Create your own database of games

Clearly organize your sport activities, drills, and games, so you can keep them safe with you.

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Explore our wide variety of images

500+ images to work with and more coming every update.

Used Worldwide by Professionals

Trusted by over 14.000 users and 17+ educational institutions

Our online-editor is the leading tool to prepare sport lessons. We are non-profit and work tirelessly to optimize and upgrade P.E. Planner for it's users.

2000+ sport games and activities

Made by our users, for you to use soon

14,000+ Users

Trusted by over 14,000 users around the world

10+ countries

Have used P.E. Planner to create sport related lessons plans


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Solid foundation for our P.E. students

"P.E. Planner is a very useful and user-friendly tool for our students. Getting started with P.E. Planner was very easy and quick! If we or our students run into anything, we are always helped quickly and well by Branco. All in all, we can highly recommend P.E. Planner to any sports academic looking for an efficient and future-oriented way to prepare sports lessons."

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Pascal Maas
Teacher at the sports academy Albeda, Rotterdam

A must-have for sport lesson planning

"For years, our students have struggled to complete their lesson preparation professionally. With P.E. Planner, this is a lot easier! It is ideal for lesson preparation for our students."

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Folkert Brandsma
Teacher at the sports academy of ROC Amsterdam

Getting started with P.E. Planner was a breeze

"P.E. Planner has great value for our students! The program is very easy to use and our students use P.E. Planner weekly with great enthusiasm to prepare their lessons. We can therefore highly recommend P.E. Planner to other educational institutions where students need to prepare sports lessons and make classrooms ready for use."

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Anna Strijker and Kevin Tegelaar
Teachers at Sport College, Utrecht

Flexible and forward-thinking partnership

"Since this year (2022), we have been using the P.E. Planner program at our school. This collaboration makes it more transparent and accessible for our students to prepare for their sport and P.E. classes. P.E. Planner has been very flexible and forward-thinking in our partnership, ensuring its success with our organization."

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Tom Dokter
Education Coordinator of Sport and Movement MBO Landstede, Harderwijk

Effortlessly optimize your content with tuned images

"P.E. Planner is just awesome. The amount of editor images to work with is just stunning! It is a perfect choice to create your own database of sport activities."

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Levi van der Geest
Sports and games coordinator Double Sports, The Hague

The plan-editor is amazing to work with

"We started using P.E. Planner this year and our students are extremely enthusiastic (as are the teachers). We especially like to use the plan-editor for creating clear organizations. There is a vast array of large and small materials, backgrounds, sports, markings, etc., available. It's an addition and enrichment for our students in creating their lesson plan."

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Mikel de Windt
Teacher at the sports academy of Gilde Opleidingen, Weert

Clear and professional lesson plan

"We really enjoy working with P.E. Planner at our school. It's simple to use and allows our students to create clear lesson plans to enhance their teaching. I would recommend P.E. Planner for all sports professionals in the field!"

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Imke Wolven
Teacher at the sports academy MBO College Poort, Almere

Convenient and easy to reuse drills

"After using P.E. Planner for a while I now have a collection of football drills I can always quickly reuse. It is very convenient for planning my practises!"

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Connor Westbury
Football coach at Northern Rovers, Auckland

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View the developments of P.E. planner here.

  1. Lesson Editor v1.7 Latest

    P.E. Planner now has an editor to create, save and print lessons.

  2. Learning objectives v1.6

    The activity editor now has a fill-in option for adding learning objectives.

  3. Activity Editor 2 v1.5.1

    The activity editor now has a new design with more features and fill-in options.

  4. Community library v1.5

    Get access to over 2000+ activities made by other sport teachers. Rate, share and edit activities from other users.

  5. Tags search engine v1.4

    With the newly inplemented tags it is now way easier to search and filter your activities.

  6. Activity Editor v1.3

    The activity editor is the start to create, download and share sport activities.

  7. The 3D Editor v1.2

    These plans are getting really beautifull now! 400+ new 3D images and backgrounds were added.

  8. New functionalities for the editor v1.1

    Editing gets really easy with the new functionalities!

  9. P.E. Planner v1.0

    We released a more stable and better editor in a new framework. The start of something beautifull.

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